These brass bead presses are sourced from both Zoozii presses (u.s.a) and European manufacturers.

Straight Sided Lentil Trio Press


Straight Sided Lentil Trio Large Press

Square Disk Duo

Discs but square

Sweetie Triangle Trio Press

Discs but square , there are 4 sizes

Zoozii Sweetie Triangle Large

The shape made with these tools will be a slim (6mm) sleek bead, 1" from hole to hole.  You can leave the edges crisp for a faceted look, or with a little fire polishing, you can create soft rounded edges.

Gem Large Press

The ZooziiGem Large is a fun new shape!

The bead measures 1" hole to hole. You can use this with the ZooziiHex Large for a great new shape that will lay flat.

Lentil Trio Press 15mm, 20mm, 25mm


Lentil Duo 35mm/45mm Press

Straight Sided 30mm Lentil

Crystal Trio Press

Sweetie Triangle Trio Press


Pillow Medium Plus Press

The Pillow Med + press



30mm Lentil Press


Nugget, Pastille & 3d Heart Trio Press

HexTrio Press



3D Heart Duo Press, Vertical/Horizontal Mandrel

Itty Bitty Trio Press