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Metals, Leaf,Wire Mesh & Foil


Large Copper Mesh

Perfect for Claudias fish recipes.


Fine Copper Mesh

A sheet of fine copper mesh

Fine Silver .999 Round Wire 60ft

A roll holding 60 foot of wire , 0.33mm

Fine Silver .999 Round Wire 20ft

A roll holding 20 foot of wire , 0.33mm

A Book of Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf


Silver Leaf Teachers Deal

Silver Leaf x 6 books

Silver Core Rivets

5 Pairs of Silver Core Rivets

Silver Foil

Book of Silver Foil, you can watch our youtube clip on how to use this product

Silver Deal

Silver Foil, Silver Leaf  & Fine Silver Mesh

Saving 15%


1/2 Book of Palladium Leaf

A Book of Palladium


1/2 Book of Gold Leaf

A Book of Gold Leaf

 Gold Leaf


Fine Screen Micro Mesh Silver

Fine screen micro silver mesh

Medium Screen Micro Mesh Silver

Medium screen micro silver mesh