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Metals, Leaf,Wire Mesh & Foil


Large Copper Mesh

Perfect for Claudias fish recipes.


Fine Copper Mesh

A sheet of fine copper mesh

Fine Silver .999 Round Wire 60ft

A roll holding 60 foot of wire , 0.33mm

Fine Silver .999 Round Wire 20ft

A roll holding 20 foot of wire , 0.33mm

A Book of Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf


Silver Leaf Teachers Deal

Silver Leaf x 6 books

Silver Core Rivets

5 Pairs of Silver Core Rivets

Silver Fuming Tool

The perfect tool for fuming your glass with silver.

Silver Foil

Book of Silver Foil, you can watch our youtube clip on how to use this product

Silver Deal

Silver Foil, Silver Leaf  & Fine Silver Mesh

Saving 15%


1/2 Book of Palladium Leaf

A Book of Palladium


1/2 Book of Gold Leaf

A Book of Gold Leaf

 Gold Leaf


Fine Screen Micro Mesh Silver

Fine screen micro silver mesh

Medium Screen Micro Mesh Silver

Medium screen micro silver mesh