New "Demo" 10ltr Oxy-con

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This "Demo" unit has a couple of very light scratches on the side panel , they are only cosmetic but it can not be sold as new . There is 32 hours on the clock as a demo unit.

This new 10ltr oxygen concentrator comes with variable pressure gauge,electronic hour clock,power warning light and purity warning light.We have designed the oxygen hose to fit directly to a brass fitting rather than the normal plastic fitting which can break.This new oxy-con will run all the larger torches such as the Lynx, Nortel Mid Range and Cheetahs for glassblowing and borosilicate sculptural/marble making.You can also run two smaller torches very successfully from this one oxy-con splitting the hose to run a pair of Minors,Bobcats,Alphas, Crickets, Betta and Mini CC torches.This will be so useful when teaching or just to have the flexibility of a 2 torch studio.The flame burns extremely clean and powerful even when split to two torches.The outlet pressure is upto 12psi and runs on a standard UK 3 pin plug already fitted.This product is postage free within the UK.