Northstar Silver Haze 2nds Sluggers (353grm)

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This Slugger is 28mm dia solid rod and weighs 353grm

Exp. #138 is our first effort toward making a new striking color in the form of Slugger bars. This color uses a NS-154 Ghost base with NS-105 Silver Creek allowing for a versatile strike. Like an Amber/Purple, there is a metallic haze that precipitates on the surface that needs to be burnt off. This glass will then melt clear and strike back to a yellowish white. Once flame struck, you can achieve many caramel tones and vermilions as well as silvery greens and blues.

Second quality Slugger Bars do not meet our visual inspection standards. May contain one or more of the following: raw silica inclusions, air bubbles, punty contamination, or surface striations. Lengths may vary.