Nabertherm MF5 Bead/Fusing Kiln

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This a Nabertherm MF5 Kiln . Made from stainless steel this is a serious piece of equipment designed for heavy regular use . The door opens down. The door has a ceramic insert block that can be popped in the bead door to seal the door offering the opportunity to fuse or batch anneal . If you remove the ceramic insert the door becomes a bead door for you to place mandrels through . There is a huge bead rack inside the kiln for stacking mandrels and the kiln has a C290 controller for presetting the annealing schedules .

This kiln in the USA is over $2000 at the moment so its a massive saving.

From time to time we will purchase excess studio stocks from glass studios closing down or simply over stock products,these offer a bargain price for glass that may be flamed on one end or simply odd quantities and colours .