Double Helix Mixed Bundle A,B & C

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 This pack includes 1 rod of each at a saving of 20%.

Colours are Aion2, Arke, Atlas, Aurae, Chloe, Clio,Iaso, Clio Light, Ekho2,Electra, Elpis, Helios,Hyperion, Hyperion,Light,Iris,Kalypso,Keto,Khaos,Kronos2,Lotus,Melia2,Notos,Okeanos Oxalis,Pandora2,Phaeton,Phoebe,Psyche,Rhea,Skivon,Skylla,Skylla Light, Terra2,Test Batch Pink SP722,Ossa,Triton & Triton Light.

At Tuffnell Glass we love to bring you "Collections" & "Bundles" that not only excite you but offer you the opportunity to purchase colours that may be financially out of reach in normal size packs and we give give you a great discounted deal.

So check out the rods in this bundle and have great fun with all these impressive Double Helix Silver glass colours and check out our tutorial video too on how to work with Double Helix colours.