Boro Bundle Pack

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A great bargain bundle of Borosilicate rods , it dosn't matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned boro worker there is something for each of you .

You get 1/2 kilo of 6mm clear rod,full rod of TAG Yellow Elvis 2nd, full rod of Glass alchemy purple Rain , 1/4 kilo of Asain transparent green, bag of Northstar Blue spruce Small Frit, 1/2 length of boro Emerald dichroic strip, full rod of TAG Red Elvis 2nd, 50grm pack of Northstar Mauvelous shorts, full rod of Northstar Cherry Odd, 1/4 kilo of Asain Silver Champange, 1/4 kilo of Asain Blueei ,1/4 kilo of Asain Jade White rods & a Glass alchemy wall poster.