GA Heritage Small Batch Jasper Red 125grm

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In honour of our 20th Anniversary, we are bringing back select retired colours for a limited time!!  Jasper Red, 132 is now available.

Jasper Red was originally created out of the desire to bring the red tones found in nature to you. We started with the stones found on the coast of Oregon. Jasper brings a variety of red hues with splashes of yellow and purple.

Working Tip:  Work hot for organic effect, kiln strike 1075° F.


"This deep opal ruby is a striking colour full of variations depending on working time, thickness of colour application, kiln time and temperature.
Working this colour heavily while unencased may bring metal to the surface. Since there is a good amount of copper in this colour you can get a range of streaks from reds, pinks, brown red, to a deep wine colour that will sometimes seem black.

These possibilities of organic looking colouration make Jasper Red great for sculpture work that could resemble objects and creatures found in nature. Kiln time and temperature will further strike your piece to deeper reds and darker rubies." - Mike Shelbo