Shamrock (Ltd Run) 1/8 Kilo

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This colour has been produced in an incredible small quantity with all resellers being limited to less than 2 kilos per colour, if you like it you need to buy it.

1/4 Kilo of Shamrock (Ltd Run) CiM Glass Rods, 5-6 rods.

Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Shamrock is described as "a bright green opal that stays translucent after annealing- same hue as Avonlea"

Testing CiM Avonlea & Shamrock

These are like 2 peas from the same pod, but each with their own special personality!

Made with such a cheerful shade of green, Avonlea is a misty opal and Shamrock is an opal that stays translucent!! These new types of glass are exactly why CiM are so different from any other glass manufacturers out there.  They bring us types of glass and colours that make our hearts sing!!

I'm a green girl and my Irish heritage (Doherty is an Irish name) draws me towards these colours , especially when one os called Shamrock!

Trudi x

"Shamrock is the translucent opal version of Avonlea. It’s a rich, bright green that works nicely with no fussiness. The rod I’ve got is a bit bubbly but not overly so. The beads were photographed indoors in natural daylight." Read more at Laura's blog.

Laura Sparling