Lovebirds (Ltd Run) 1/4 Kilo

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1/4 Kilo of Lovebirds (Ltd Run) CiM Glass Rods, 11-12 rods.

Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Lovebirds is described as "a lime green opal that stays translucent after annealing - same hue as Witches' Brew"

"From left to right: Lovebirds with Effetre turquoise, Chartreuse with Poi, Chartreuse with Effetre white, Witches' Brew with Montezuma, & Witches' Brew with Elphaba. There are visible reaction lines within the Turquoise, Poi, and Montezuma dots. I would expect that these reactions would happen the same way with these colours in combination with any of this trio of opal green glass colours." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.

Jolene Wolfe

"All of these colors melted beautifully! I had no shocking and no pitting or boiling. As you can see from the photos another happy surprise was almost zero reaction with fine silver .999. In my experience, turquoise colors can have organic reactions to silver but these colors remained true. Some of these colors are colors that have the same base batch but are split into two pots and one will remain a misty opal [more transparent] and one will remain a milky opal [more opaque]. Witches' Brew & Lovebirds, Avonlea& Shamrock, and Sea Glass & Lady Of The Lake are all examples of these pairings. Basically all of these colors have a place in my heart and the 104 line. The subtle changes in the transparency and hues is like having an unlimited paint palette in glass! These colors also lend a range of saturations depending on whether they are layered with bases of clear or white. All of the beads photos were straight color to show true outcomes. The only exception is Avonlea which I felt might not show the black line art so that is over white."

Michelle Veizaga