FSHP Terra Medium Frit

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Fast Striking Hand Pulled Terra Frit is a striking colour.

Terra, our original striking color.  Hand pulled rods came out in an opaque rainbow with multiple rings in the core.  When  pulled by hand, a hot punty is dipped into the furnace, the glass is marvered, reheated in a glory hole, and the process is repeated until we have a big enough gather to pull across the shop.  All that super heating and chilling builds up layers of pre-struck glass.

Fast Striking means that the batch is faster to reach the opaque pastel phase and spends less time in the browns and ambers. This may mean that your working style will result in more pastel ranges or it may mean that your working style will result in overstruck colors.

Reset, cool and strike.  Anneal at a low temperature to avoid unwanted kiln striking.


Our frit is run through a magnet trap to remove any metal particles from the crushing equipment and is then washed to remove the glass powder from the fine, medium and coarse.