GA Acid Yellow 125grm

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Product Details:

Acid Yellow Crayon has been reformulated from the ground up as a Neo-Cad. Traditionally the least saturated of all the Crayon Colours, we are pushing this colour's boundaries, making it as dense as possible, while keeping it an acidic lemony yellow.

Working Tip: Pre-heat in outer flame. Avoid rapid heating

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This very bright opaque yellow will stay true when drawn down to smaller cane sizes and will not transmit light unless the application of colour is thinner than 2mm.

This colour works great in the neutral flame region and can handle all flame atmospheres for short amounts of time. Do not use a highly reducing flame or a very sharp hot flame without quick movement of the colour; this will avoid any possibility of minor boil spots.

The vibrancy of Acid Yellow Crayon is a wonderful backing to many Glass Alchemy transparent colours, also a very complimentary colour to the other opaques, and desirable for murine applications as well. Encasement in clear is not necessary but can be used to increase yield on size of solid or blown work and allow for more intense working conditions." - Mike Shelbo