Canyon de Chelly 1/8 kilo

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Canyon de Chelly is described as "An opaque striking caramel brown laden with silver that can be struck to a wide range of colours"

6-7 rods per 1/8 kilo

"Silver glass can be fussy...but when the right reaction comes along, it knocks your socks off! Sometimes it's a guessing game to find the right combination of colors, how often to strike and cool the glass, and how long to anneal it. For me, Canyon de Chelly takes a lot of the 'guesswork' out of the equation. Especially when used as a base for striking colors, like DH's Luna, and this experimental glass called 'Dalai Lotus' by Trautman Art Glass, the colors seem to just come alive all by themselves! I've found that Canyon de Chelly works like a charm in bringing out the stunning array of colors from silver glass, that in the past were so elusive to me. I keep a stack of it by my bench so it is always within reach!"
Alison Dvorchik
Psyche over Canyon de Chelly with clear dots.
Lea Avroch
"I found that by warming this bead gently in the back of the flame after letting it become cool enough to be covered with the silver leaf allowed me to easily strike the Canyon de Chelly to its deeper shade." Read more at Craft Pimp.
Jolene Wolfe
Canyon de Chelly with Aurae.
Sue Stewart
"Copper Green spreads on the Canyon, and the Canyon de Chelly sinks into the Copper Green. That's why the Copper Green stringer line looks so fat and the Canyon stringer line looks so skinny. Also, a dark line reaction forms between these two colours. The thing that makes this dark line reaction more interesting than other dark line reactions is that it is a reddish-purple colour instead of black or grey. Neat!" Read more at Melanie's blog, including encasing / striking / reducing CDC and silver / Vetrofond Black / opal yellow / ivory / and white on CDC.
Melanie Graham
"I made a cool discovery about Canyon de Chelly. I used some of Val Cox’s 'Ocelot Spots' frit on it, and some silvered ivory stringer, and I got some amazing hues of brown and gold. So rich!" See more at Two Glassy Ladies' blog.
Amy Hall