Green Opal Super Flake

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For lampworking: Simply take a small amount of powder or flake out of the container and place on a heat resistant surface. Roll molten glass over the flakes and encase, avoiding direct exposure of the flakes to the flame. Lumiere Lusters™ create holographic shimmer under encasement, or sparkly colour shifting intense colour when left on the surface of your beads.Roll molten glass into the flakes or powders, shape, then garage as usual. Like micas, some flake will brush off after cooling, but the particles that stick will leave a colour shifting glimmer. 

  5gr/5ml container by volume

As this product has no COE it can be worked with both Soft and Borosilicate glass as well as Polymer clays

Transparent flakes reflect bright shimmery green tones/transmit pinks/rainbow colours on non-lampwork mediums & light bases. See lampworked example left. Please note: this flake only reflects colour over dark bases.