GA Purple Rain 125grm

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You know it and love it!! Purple Rain is a vibrant, smooth transparent purple that really pops.

Working Tip: Try layering Purple Rain to achieve a purple tint, or use it in thick solid sections to achieve a vibrant purple

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

“This what you see is what you get transparent is a vibrant purple.
Purple Rain builds intensity in vibrancy when used in thick layers or in solid sections. When veiled over clear or another colour it will lend a nice tint or hue to the underneath application. When working Purple Rain without encasement, it can easily be worked in a variety of atmospheres and flame settings including sharp direct pinpoint flames often used on welds.
The optical qualities to Purple Rain make it a great colour for both hollow and solid work. Encalmo it to GA Eclipse or GA Sapphire for great results” – Mike Shelbo