GA Passion Extreme 125grm

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Passion Extreme, 788 is designed to strike deep and dark in a thin application. This highly saturated sibling of Triple Passion is a must have!

Working Tip:  Get this colour white hot to erase the striking history. A variety of effects are achievable depending on how long you flame/kiln strike.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This rich colour has a lot of potential for different finishes depending on whether you kiln strike and/or flame reduce. The base colour is similar to GA Triple Passion, but moves into deep purples quickly.
 This colour sometimes reminds me of a concord grape in the way that the light bursts and highlights of ghosty silver-blue appear over a deep warm purple. The purple will become darker and darker the longer it is worked and if your piece goes into the kiln and you still want a darker colour, then strike at 1100 F for 15-20 minutes extra. You can always change the look of the top layer of Passion Extreme by blasting a sharp and hot flame onto the surface, immediately cutting through the silver build up and reversing the strike of the "skin" of the colour. From there it's just in how you expose it to the flame or kiln that will determine the outcome of this wonderful colour.
 Passion Extreme holds up well in blown and solid applications, and thin stringers hold colour well. When sandwiched under clear more light blue fumey effects are showcased over the base colour. I really like using this colour with GA Raven and on top of GA Sno White in a veiled cane" - Mike Shelbo