GA Peacock Chameleon 125grm

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Peacock Chameleon, 5486 was designed as an organic Prussian blue with subtle colour variations, about midway between the Agua Azul and Twilight tones. It has found extensive use in a wide range of sculptural work.

Working Tip: Work this colour in a neutral flame. Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Peacock Chameleon is a rich creamy opaque blue, a shade lighter than Twilight Chameleon.
 The base glass is dense peacock blue that will thin out to an opalescent, milky look when blown or stretched to less than 2mm thick. 
The silver in the colour will push to the surface as you work in a normal flame setting that will result in bursts and streaks as well as hazes of light blues, greens, and yellow greens. Encasement in clear will trap lustering effects and soften tones of colour shifting" - Mike Shelbo