GA Aquatic Carnival Single Rod

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Aquatic Carnival, 489 was originally developed as middle density in a triad; Spring Luster, 481 as the tame one and Amazon Night, 987 as the robust colour. The colour is a playful striking colour, yielding creams to metallic colour. It can provide very distinctive red colours when reduced.

Working Tip:Flame or kiln strike at 1075°F. Work neutral; reduce at end for metallic effects.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Aquatic Carnival really taught me the potential of the Carnival series. It is a very deep teal transparent, packed with silver and copper.
 A neutral flame keeps the piece looking like the cane before being fired. An over oxidizing sharp hot flame setting may scum or boil when repeatedly immersed into the fire. To best avoid unwanted effects, either work your piece in the middle of the length of your torch flame or pre-encase with clear.
When Aquatic Carnival is on the surface you can repeatedly reduce in the torch flame to bring out an array of colour and effects. Try rotating the area you want reduced until a soft orange glow (not molten) appears, then remove from flame and wait a moment to see the result. Reduction at the end of the creation process yields completely different results than a piece worked in a reduction flame the whole time it was made. Bursts and gradients of greens and blues on the top of the deep teal creates beautiful tones, very reminiscent of water and the play of light on the ocean" - Mike Shelbo