GA Persimmon Strike Single Rod

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Persimmon Strike, 2383 was developed to yield a playful orange. Your intention and skill can determine many outcomes with this colour.

Working Tip:  Get this colour white hot to erase the striking history. A variety of effects are achievable depending on how long you flame/kiln strike.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"This wonderful fusion of colour could almost be called a ruby triple passion.

The striking properties range from rubies to purples and blues, yellows and greens. While working the piece you will see continuous colour shifts and you should consider how thick your colour application is and at what point you would like the colour to stop changing. For example, increased kiln time and temp will strike out the rubies and purples leaving you with a different looking piece that went in the kiln.

The mixing of results that you will find as you work this colour is just gorgeous. I find myself wanting to keep the array of pinks, oranges, rubies and yellows that earned the persimmon reference, but the light greens and blues that show up during the sculpting process compliment the other colours so well, a delicate balance of intense spot heating and reheating is needed to capture the whole range in one piece.

I think that a quick annealing at 1030F is called for when you like the look of the piece going into the kiln. (If it is what you are going for and you do not want it to continue to strike get in and out of the kiln without a long hold)This colour is really fun and has moved into my top favourite Glass Alchemy colour list" - Mike Shelbo