Meta-Terrania Rod-Molten Aura Labs

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1 x single rod of Boro Meta-Terania measuring 7mm dia x 490mm long.

Meta-Terrania is a transparent turquoise coloured glass. We added some haziness to enhance its briny, sea water quality. Thicker areas tend to exhibit this hazy quality more. Careful flame striking can bring out more of the haziness and make the colour appear more blue. 

This colour doesn't like too much oxygen. You may get a “scuzz” showing up with a flame that is too aggressive. It can be minimized and usually avoided by a more reducing flame and/or by burning off the layer of “haze” that develops. This is similar to an amber/purple colour in that the metals giving the glass it's colour are precipitating to the surface when the glass reaches a certain working temperature. Encasing in clear can eliminate surface issues as well. 

There may be variances in the colour and density of the rods – even from the same batch. This does not affect the final worked colour.

Always begin working Meta-Terrania in a reducing flame, after a core heat has been achieved, a more aggressive neutral flame can be used. Heating too aggressively with too much oxygen present will cause a film to develop on the surface at the edge of the puddle. For some seals one will need to use an aggressive flame.

To avoid build up, while using an aggressive flame, switch back to a reducing flame and flash the area near the edge of the puddle keeping it hot, but still cool enough to maintain structure. If any film does develop, a coating of soot followed by a slow heating until completely molten can totally reverse any surface issues.