Tropical Green TAG Boro Glass

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1 x full length of TAG Boro rod measuring 5-8mm dia x 510mm long

Tropical Green is a rich, transparent green reminiscent of jungle palms and warm southern waves. Depending on how it is worked, this green will also develop turquoise Slyme-like highlights to deliver the full tropical effect!
This colour is a transparent version of Sea Slyme, and in thicker applications, near reheated areas, and when the colour is used under clear, a subtle blue milk strike will appear. In thinner and hotter applications this colour will stay transparent and green.
Tropical Green is a very smooth working colour that bends, pulls, and coils easily. The colour is also stable in all flame environments, and will retain its clarity after it is worked. Tropical green is a dynamic colour that you can use as a pure transparent green, or bring out its shades of blue to add another dimension in your work.