Elizabeth Welch Sculptural Boro Birds Class

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2 day class on 22nd & 23rd October 2022

8 students per class - 6 spaces available

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Elizabeth’s work is inspired by the natural world. In her elegant and colourful menageries, each creature has its own quirky character. On the basis of reference photos from research trips and drawings of initial ideas, she makes her pieces entirely by hand, using an oxygen and propane torch, a few tools, and coloured borosilicate glass (a hard glass similar to Pyrex) Larger work incorporates both hot-glass disciplines by creating colour overlay vessels to frame and hold her delicate lamp-worked sculptures.

This class will focus on the manipulation of solid borosilicate rod to create a small Robin and Barn Owl

Students will learn the art of lamp working through hands-on torch work and demos. We will discuss safety, and tool usage, whilst studying heat management and the use of commercial borosilicate colour.

Day 1 will be the construction of the bodies, practising facial features, placing eyes and mark making, making cane and applying colour for feathers.

Day 2 will be discussing the importance of hot seals, Owl talon construction and cane pulling, I will be demoing 2 ways of construction of the feet for our birds.