Northstar Boro Pomegranate Odd 50grm

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NS-88 The lightest of the three self-striking Rubies. Work in a neutral flame. Will not liver or develop brown hues. The strike must be completed in the kiln at 1050 deg F.

NS-088 Pomegranate is the lightest shade of the self striking ruby family Northstar currently offer. It is designed speciffically for sculptural  work and thick blowing allowing for a clear unmivered ruby to be achieved. The self striking rubies are the next generation of colour offering the user cleaner pure colours with less air and difficulty in working.When working use a neutral oxidizing flame. Once hot pomegranite will turn transparent as standard Northstar rubies, but as it cools it will strike back to red. Because this colour is so unsaturated final strike must take place in the kiln.

The pack weight is 50grms and there will be 2/3 rods per pack depending on the rod dia. These rods are smaller in length at only 250mm long.