Aether 2 Glass Rods 113grm

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113grm (1/4lb) of glass rods.

Original Aether was extremely labour intensive which was why it was not available to re-sellers.  Aether 2 has solved the production issues so, we're making it available to re-sellers. It also has an improved viscosity curve.  Please, note that Aether 2 and Zephyr are not the same.  Aether 2 is a reactive clear and Zephyr is not.  Aether 2 will react with silver glasses and it does a better job of holding the lustre under encasement.  To help distinguish the two clears, Aether 2 will be wrapped in white paper and Zephyr will be wrapped in brown.

Photograph has been taken over a penny to demonstrate optical quality.

These Aether rods have been high graded to remove any rods with scratches, stones or more than a reasonable amount of seed bubbles.  We have allowed for more variation in rod diameter and roundness.

Aether does contain certain chemical components that can react with metallic silver and cause a reaction. These chemicals also keep Aether remarkably free of seeds, and help to preserve the metallic sheen of the encased silver. The reaction often appears as a yellow/green tint. Working the encased bead hot often increases this effect. If you want to avoid that reaction entirely, we recommend Zephyr clear instead.