Flame Off Used Nortel Mid-Range Plus Torch

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This Nortel Mid-Range Plus torch is ideal for both soft glass and small Borosilicate work. It will run on 1 x 5ltr oxygen concentrator but to use the larger Mid-Range flame it will need 2 x 5ltr oxygen concentrators and has the small Minor torch on the top . The bottom Mid-Range torch is perfect for blowing boro tube up to 44mm /60mm dia as well as Boro rod up to 24mm o.d for marble making up to 2" dia marbles.

The term "Used" is to explain that it was a demo torch at Flame Off 2019 , used for 14 hours and the torch shows heat marks on the torch tip , the screw holes have marks on it and the base has small scratches and marks as expected while being used . The full warranty still applies to the torch .


From time to time we have torches , tools and glass available from "Studio" buyouts or from Flame Off demo units .