European Minor Oxygen Concentrator Kit

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The Ultimate Kit for your Beadmaking needs!

We have removed the U.K propane gas regulator as it might not fit some European propane cylinders and you can fit your own from a stockist near to you.We have still included the flashback arrestor as a safety device and reduced the price accordingly.

(Picture is for illustration use only and the kit will include a Nortel Mega Minor Torch)

This is a semi-professional set-up with the dual fuel Nortel Minor Burner, enabling you to work hotter and faster than the Hot Head.The reconditioned Oxy-Con comes with hosing to connect to the Minor Burner and will provide oxygen 24/7 (the Oxy-Con runs on 240 volts electric)

Oxygen Concentrator Kit Includes:
Refurbished Oxygen Concentrator, (complete with one year guarantee) 
Nortel  Minor Burner,
Propane flashback arrestor,
5 mtr of Propane hosing,

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