European Lush Lampwork Kit with Downtown Glasses

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We have removed the U.K propane gas regulator as it might not fit some European propane cylinders and you can fit your own from a stockist near to you.We have still included the flashback arrestor as a safety device and reduced the price accordingly.

In conjunction with "Lush" Lampwork(Julie Fountain) we have created this fantastic kit.The kit includes a Nortel Minor burner , propane hose, flashback and 5ltr reconditioned oxygen concentrator. We have also put in downtown safety glasses(whichever you need,1pr only),1 kilo of mixed Effetre coloured glass rods,24 mixed stainless mandrels,stainless steel rake,graphite paddle, stainless tweezers, large tub of Fusion bead release,rod rest, 2ltr of cooling bubbles1/4 kilo of Effetre stringers in mixed colours,book of silver leaf,1/4 kilo of Effetre 006 crystal clear and 6 rods of Reichenbach reaction colours mixed .
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