Clip On/Flip Up Safety B3

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The Clip-On lampwork eye protection series features scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses for Sodium Flare and UV Protection. The Clip-On series is designed to clip onto existing glasses that can be easily flipped up or down for maximum eye protection as needed depending on the lampworking or glassworking project. This eye wear series is available with three levels of lens intensity, with the SB and B3 lenses offering addition IR protection.  Small size.

Lens Size: 

1020S series: 134mm width x 45mm length (Small Lens Size)

S-Series: This series would typically be used by the soft glass beadmaker & lampworker. Sodium Flare and UV protection.

  • SB-Series: This series is slightly darker than the standard series. The SB-series eyewear would typically be used by the soft glass or clear borosilicate glass lampworker. Also excellent for kiln work and glassblowing. Sodium Flare, UV and IR protection.
  • B3-Series: This series features the same benefits as the SB series with the addition of a welder’s shade #3 for additional brightness reduction. Sodium Flare, UV and IR protection.