Hades 1/4Kilo CiM (57)

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1/4 Kilo of Hades CiM glass rods, 10-14 rod.

Hades is described as " an intense black that stays true black even when pulled into st

"Effetre intense black spreads on ivory and Hades didn't."
Teri Yount

"I put 4 stripes of Hades on top of ET-204 white, then added 3 dots of the white on each Hades stripe. What I found is really cool! Hades did spider, most noticeably in the direction gravity pulled it as I turned the bead, but also less noticeably in the other direction. The spidering lines, created where the edges blead out over the white, met and collected in the middle of the white areas creating new lines that I had not put there! The spidering lines appear to have a brown hue where gravity pulled the color, and a greenish/black hue where the color spidered up against gravity!"
Bonnie Polinski

"These pictures are from using Aion frit with Hades and stringerwork of Psyche. The silver glass turned the Hades from black to blue and also gave it a purply blue 'oil on water' metallic sheen. I've tried my best to pick it up with the camera."
Claire Morris

"These beads are Peace with Hades dots. I've decided that if you work the Hades slowly in a cooler flame it will keep its crispness. If I'd melted these dots in at my normal rate they would have feathered and bled at the edges creating a murky grey-brown halo to the dots. So I went slowly which paid off and the result is crisp jet black on plain white." Read more at Laura's blog.
Laura Sparling

“Let's compare Messy Hades and Effetre intense black head to head. Dark Ivory base - with a trail of Turquoise in the center indicated in the image, as it reacted so strongly to the ivory it is hard to spot, and Hades on the left, and Intense Black on the right. Equally cool, but noticeably different. The Hades seems to have spawned more of the fine tendrils, but the Intense Black has pulled up more colour, separating the ivory out into light and dark, and rendering up a nice blue too. I declare them equally awesome.” Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson

"On a base of darkest black, CiM Hades, Double Helix's Gaia and Kronos frit was generously sprinkled and reduced to bring out the metallic hues. 99% Fine Silver wire was wrapped and melted in. Effetre glass was then added to magnify the silver glitter captured under it's clear encasement." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette

"I used a base of Hades for these beads, it was a fantastic black to work with. It melted extremely smoothly, but was on the stiff side and produced very crisp lentils as a result. The frit is Val Cox’s “Silver Lake” which does this cool thing on black where lots of blue shows up around the edges. A very pretty effect." Read more at Two Glassy Ladies' blog.
Amy Hall

"The glass wrap is copper green - do you see the line of reaction between the Hades and the copper green?"
Vonna Maslanka

"Hades makes Raku pop more than other blacks because it actually stays black instead of getting a sheen of metallic silver on it giving it a more extreme contrast between the deep black to the intense color of Raku."
Genea Crivello-Knable

"Hades, in a reducing flame when exposed to silver, is incredible. I found this out simply by luck one day, and the set of beads that resulted was gorgeous! The bead set is a Hades base with a stringer of Vetro coral wrapped in silver foil, applied, twisted and then the whole bead reduced."
Carol Oliver