2 Day Flower Implosion Workshop with Petra Pepper

Venue - Tuffnell Glass Studios, Rudston , East Yorkshire, YO25 4UD

Date -18th & 19th April 2020

Time - 10am -5pm

Class level - Intermediate

11 students per class - 5 spaces available.

Tea & coffee are provided free of charge throughout the day, there will be a 30 minute lunch break for a buffet lunch.

Please bring your own eye protection, all glass , tools , mandrels and torches are provided. If you need a creation station or any other special tools please let us know before the class so we can arrange these items for you


In my youth I made wire jewellery with polymer clay, knitting and a little bit of sewing.
In September 2014 I made my first bead. A memorable evening and a point of no return. Love at first sight.
To shorten the time, I took a few further beginner lessons in this studio. Even six weeks later, I lit a torch at home, at my very first lampwork setup. Small. Simple. Using pre-existing materials for the bench and gathered used torch, tools and glass for small money.
Apart from a one day class for blowing hollow beads in 2017, I am completely self-educated. I used Youtube a lot and some books, visited the german gathering in Wertheim and the bead-design days in Lauscha several times, to see the demos and exchange knowledge.
I learned the most through experimental lampworking, trying to find the way to different designs, by realizing my suggestions of a technique. Each fail took me as far as each success. In follow of this analytical workwise, I have been able to decipher some peculiarities of glass and improve my skills. And that is my main way to initiate my work. Play around and see what happens.
After being awarded with a lot of encouragement and support, I started in 2019, offering classes in implosion techniques as a guest teacher in studios in and around Germany and at my growing, but still little, home studio.
 I am so thankful, that I got in touch with glass, came to know so many wonderful people and great artists. It is a favour to be part of this community.
I like to do my scientific job and lampworking really is very important for me, as a creative contra weight, but I canĀ“t imagine to work with glass full-time.

Day one:

FLOWER POWER! We make different flowers in cabochon, marble and pendants. We learn how to make different petal styles like daisies or roses, learn about colour gradient flowers and at last creating some specials like Christmas stars for example.

Day two:

ENAMEL IMPLOSION FEVER! We will have implosion( compression) fun in different styles as marble, pendant, cabochon or heart. We use fancy enamel designs and learn how to create a structured enamel flower. This class should give you a lot of ideas to fill your own creative implosion world!!!


2 Day Flower Implosion Workshop 18th & 19th April 2020

Full Payment for Flower Implosion Class

18th & 19th April 2020

Deposit for 2 Day Flower Implosion workshop