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Frank Miguletz Class Booking

Venue - Tuffnell Glass Studios, Rudston , East Yorkshire, YO25 4UD

Dates - 20th & 21st June 2020

Time - 10am -5pm

Class level - Intermediate

11 students per class - 8 spaces available.

Tea & coffee are provided free of charge throughout the day, there will be a 30 minute lunch break for a buffet lunch.

Please bring your own eye protection, all glass , tools , mandrels and torches are provided. If you need a creation station or any other special tools please let us know before the class so we can arrange these items for you .

Day 1
Classic Lexi Beads
Bouquet Beads
Lexi Cone Beads
In day 1 we will learn how to make Frank's signature Lexi patterns - colour combinations He prefers, and how to build up a maxi Lexi bead. We will also learn why and how he does it this way, hints and tricks and how he breaks traditional colour combinations. He will also teach students how the pattern will work on other beads like the Valenitne's Lexi, Lexi sticks etc...
Day 2
Miguu Beads
Special B&W Miguu beads
Black Lines Beads
In the second day of this course you will learn Frank's beloved Miguu beads- he will show you different starting techniques and how to keep lines crisp thorugh to the end of the bead, he will use only gravity to let the glass show and create the Miguu shape. He will explain and demonstrate how to perfectly encase the whole bead and protect the colours, again using gravity to let the glass flow!
Course Level - Intermediate

Frank Miguletz Class Booking

2 Day class 20th & 21st June 2020

11 students per class -  11 spaces available

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