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Elizabeth Welch Class Booking

Elizabeth works from her studio in Angmering, West Sussex. Specialising in working with Borosilicate (pyrex) sculpture. 

Each sculpture is painstakingly made by hand, no moulds are used, through the process of Lamp-working; Borosilicate rods are melted in the flame and worked to create enchanting and whimsical creatures, most of which are created over a 2 or three day period and have been annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for long lasting durability.

Beginning with coloured glass I begin to mix and hand pull Each Borosilicate Glass colour in the flame to make 4mm ‘stringers’ This allows me to make the most of the expensive Boro colour, I am also able to create new and custom shades from this process. Glass is then built up into the initial shape and the premixed colours are added to give markings, shapes and intricate details.

I am looking forward to teaching these workshops, and am excited to meet everyone! As its my first time teaching a class I am sure I will learn a lot too! Please feel free to bring a note book or camera to jot down notes and photograph the stages to refer back to.


The day will be spent learning how I prep the Boro colour to work with and how I create my Narwhale, Octopus and Seahorses.

I will begin by prepping colour for a Narwhale. We will be using StarWhite, IO star, Amber Purple, Green Amber/Purple, Blue Amber/Purple, Caramel and Black. I will then Demonstrate my Narwhile talking through the processes and answering any questions while demoing. It will then be your turn! Ill be around to assist and answer queries. Once everyone has successfully made one and got him in the kiln I will Demo the next creature the Octopus- I will provide some pre-made eye cane for this. Prep will begin with making eyeballs and prepping colour into 4mm stringers I will then demo the piece.You will then have opportunity to make your own once everyone has made at least one I will begin to demo the seahorse, beginning with prepping some eyeballs and colour. You can then have a go at your own.

If there is time at the end I will demonstrate how I make my eye cane, and you make like to have a go at that too!


Elizabeth Welch Class, Thursday 31st May 2018

Level - experienced beginner and beyond

Thursday 31st May 2018

10am - 5pm

Please bring your own eye protection and lunch.Hot and cold catering will be available.

12 places available, 8 places remaining.

Your ticket is non refundable if cancelled within 30 days of the class , we can try and sell your space and if successful you will get a full refund.