Teresa and Becky's first sale (its a sneaky one while Martins not looking) check out the CiM colours in the sale and Borosilicate Frit too


New Double Helix colour Skiron will be released for sale on Saturday 12th August


 Momka Boro restock including new colours, Lemon Yellow, Carmen Red, Cinnabar, Exotic Citrus Yellow , Matador, Scarlet Pink, Apache and Crystal Blue and available in longer 510mm rods


New delivery of Profound Opals for the boro in you,click on the logo for all the colours and sizes


Gay Massender GBUK Class announced click on the picture for more detail


New Leonardo Tools have arrived, click on the picture to see them,


We have just listed "Used" Flame Off 2017 torches with 10% discount  , Mid-Range, GTT Bobcat and Nortel Red Max


New Paragon Kilns in stock including

Bluebird XL


F130 Elite           


Now in stock the Bethlehem Stacks Torch is selling out fast


New "Taster" Frit Selection Packs have been added , click on the picture to see these super tasters.




The list of new tools launched at Flame is large , below are all the tools.

Deluxe Graphite Paddle          


Deluxe Graphite Shaping Tool        


Hot Glass Sheers                              


Mosaic Cutters                                   


Dip-N-Go Sludge Ultra                       


Texture Tool                                        


Wooden Handle Shaping Tool            


Brass Bead Press Mashers                  


Rod/Tube Roller Tool                            


Double Helix Keto            

Nortel Arrow Torch       



GBUK Jute Carrier Bag                           

Borosilicate Fused Dichroic Strips        



New Kristen Frantzen Orr Floral Workshop in September, book now