Augusts Colour of the Month is a CiM selection , take a look at this pack 

New restock of Asian coloured Borosilicate rods and tubes and new larger size tube 34mm -38mm heavy wall coloured Borosilicate tube is now in stock.

The latest 10 new colours from CiM are now in stock


       Banana Cream        Cotswold Blue                Oobleck                   Serenity                Camouflage


            Lilac                       Sacre Bleu                  Serengeti                Merryweather            Amphibian

We have just had a new delivery from CiM which includes Peace, Mojito, Rapunzel, Painted Hills and Chartreuse....yes Chartreuse is back.


"Tuffnells Testers" is a new section showing what our testers can do with new colours and tools with pictures , tips and helpful ideas, click on





TAG Fire Lotus 104coe is back




Astrid Riedel 2018 classes are available now