Elixir Sparkle (Ltd Run) 1/4 Kilo

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1/4 Kilo of Elixir Sparkle (Ltd Run) CiM Glass Rods, 11-12 rods.

Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Elixir Sparkle is described as "a lime green misty opal with gold adventurine"

"For me, Elixir Sparkle went a bit more olive than it seems that other testers got. It was also rather shocky for me. It is still a nice opal olive- it still retains its translucency- but no sparkle."
Caroline Davis

"Elixir Sparkle is the same glass as Elixir but with added gold aventurine, in the rod you can see the sparkle and it is reasonably close to Elixir. Once it's worked in the flame it becomes much darker and intense [my beads are only 13mm] and you can see striations. Sadly the sparkle is not visible in these beads, but I still love it for the colour it gives!"
Trudi Doherty

"It's hard to believe how different Elixir Sparkle is from original Elixir! It's a lot more green, a lot more dense in opacity, and has hints of swirly sparkly brown, thanks to the aventurine. The sparkle is very subtle, however. You can see it better in strong light, but not so much in regular lighting. I think it's a very unique color, and would be great for making seaweed or used in aquatic designs."
Renee Wiggins

"The darker hearts are made with Elixir Sparkle. In rod form Elixir Sparkle looks the same shade as Elixir but with tiny gold glittery inclusions. When I worked the glass it darkened up quite considerably to give this swirly forest fern almost opaque green shade." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe

"Elixir Sparkle is CiM Elixir, a misty opal, with added aventurine. In rod form, Elixir Sparkle is quite a yellow-green and the aventurine is visible and the colour darkens to a not-so-yellow green in the kiln. I assume this is due to the aventurine. As a glass, it’s fine. It’s easy to use, fuss-free, and a very nice shade of soft green which has that translucent milkiness thing going on. It’s just lacking sparkle. The photographs were taken indoors in natural daylight." Read more at Laura's tumblr.
Laura Sparling