Lush Lampwork Kit with Fit-Overs and New 5ltr Oxy-con

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This kit will include a new 5ltr oxygen concentrator. These now come with a 2 year guarantee as well as offering higher oxygen purity and a cleaner burning flame which makes your colours keep their sparkle.

In conjunction with "Lush" Lampwork(Julie Fountain) we have created this fantastic kit.The kit includes a Nortel Minor burner , propane hose, flashback and regulator and New 5ltr oxygen concentrator. We have also put in fit-over safety glasses,1 kilo of mixed Effetre coloured glass rods,24 mixed stainless mandrels,stainless steel rake, rod rest, 2 ltrs of cooling bubbles , graphite paddle, stainless tweezers, large tub of Fusion bead release,1/4 kilo of Effetre stringers in mixed colours,book of silver leaf,1/4 kilo of Effetre 006 crystal clear and 6 rods of Reichenbach reaction colours mixed .