Guido Adam Class-2 day.

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2 day class on the 13th & 14th April 2019

11 students per class - 0 spaces available, class full

Full payment for class

AdamGlassArt (Adam Guido) is based in Switzerland/Schaffhausen/Rheinfall.

I`ve practised glass art since 2007, using traditional techniques (Murano, Italy) and mixed them with new techniques from Europe, America and Japan.

Many techniques and skills, along with solid glass and tubes in soft and hard glass are in my daily favourites. You can find my Way of Glassart in "Off Mandrel Hollowers" from a Blowpipe, and of course in other unique wearable inside the Beadmaking Scene. I teach all my Techniques International.

This weekends class will be "Making Marble Techniques Wearable"

Topics Workshop :

Marble Techniques are extra and timeless, but how we can make them wearable ? Hear we transfer hard glass techniques in to soft glass or combine them together with borosilicate glass?

What we do in the class will include

Colour Fading Dots


Reticello Chip Murina

Powder Vortex

Powder Flower Effects



Twisted Flower Designs

Stamp Backing

The "Front" Interchangeable System

Ring tops Reversal After this class you can make and create wonderful wearable marble beads and ring tops. The pictures are showing some examples what we are learning in the class. So stay curious.