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Enamel Sieve Pots (used)

6 x large plastic enamel sieve pots , these pots measure 56mm dia x 77mm high with a screw on lid, they will easily hold 100grm of enamel.

They have been used so will benifit from a clean first before use.

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Reichenbach Pastel Red Oddment x 425grm

This is a 425grm pack of Reichenbach Opq Pastel Red 94coe glass rods x 9 rods approx, 6 -12mm dia at 330mm long.


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Reichenbach Intense Mixed 94coe Oddment x 125grm

This is a 125grm pack of Reichenbach 94coe glass rods, Dark Transparent in colour these are mixed colours and will be a selection od Heliotrope, Dark Gold Ruby, Fuschia, Hyacinth, Amethyst, Wine Red & Violet x 7 rods approx, 5mm dia at 330mm long.


These are intense saturated colours and go a long way.


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Reichenbach Reseda Green Oddment x 301grm

This is a 301grm pack of Reichenbach 94coe glass rods, Transparent Reseda Green x 7 rods approx, 4 - 9mm dia at 330mm  long.


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Reichenbach Opaque Canary Yellow Oddment x 240grm

This is a 240grm pack of Reichenbach 94coe glass rods, Opaque Canary Yelllow x 11 rods approx, 6mm dia at 260mm - 330mm long.

This is 94coe glass

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Reichenbach Opaque Mint Green Oddment x 289grm

This is a 289grm pack of Reichenbach 94coe glass rods, Opaque Mint Green  x 6 rods approx, 9mm dia at 330mm long.

 This is 94coe glass

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Reichenbach Pea Green Oddment x 203grm

This is a 203grm pack of Reichenbach 94coe glass rods,Opq Pea Green x 4 rods approx, 8mm dia at 330mm long.

These are 94COE Glass rods

CiM Feman Oddment Rods x 200grm

This is a 200grm pack of CiM 104coe glass rods, Freman x 11 rods 330mm long.


CiM Galapagos Oddment Rods,168grms

CiM Galapagos Rods  x 204grm, 8 rods approx @168mm long ,


Boro Tube 46mm x 1.6mm wall x 434mm long Oddment

A Boro Tube Oddment 46mm x 1.6mm x 434mm long good clean tube weighing 206grm

Reichenbach Reds Oddment Rods, 500grms

Reichenbach Assorted Red Rods x 500grm, 21  rods @ 340mm long , 5mm o.d.

A mixed bundle of transparent and opaque red glass rods.


Purple Tube Oddment pack

A pack of purple glass tubes, white inside core overlaid with purple . The tubes are 11mm -14mm o.d and vary between 300mm - 500mm long x 5 tubes.

These tubes are probably 90coe but we have not tested them and they are very shocky so will need a lot of pre-heating in a kiln .