Clearance Sales

 On this clearance page there is only 1 of each item unless listed more than once.

CiM Leaf Ment Oddment Pack 180grm

CiM Leaf Men Oddment Pack 180grm x 8 complete rods , all labelled.

CiM Butter Pecan Ltd Run Oddment Pack 140grm

CiM Butter Pecan Ltd Run Oddment Pack 140grm x 8 complete rods.

CiM Flax Oddment Pack 52grm

CiM Flax Oddment Pack 52grm x 2 complete rods,
50% OFF

Crystal Clear Boro Rod Oddment 40mm dia

Crystal Clear Boro rod Oddment Pack. This rod is 40mm dia x 500mm long
50% OFF

10 x Clear plastic Pots with Lid

10 x New Plastic pots with white lids , they hold 135ml and measure 59mm o.d x 57mm high.

We have a large amount of these so order as many as you want.

Borosilicate Tube Oddment 60mm x 3.2 x 800mm

Borosilicate Tube Oddment 60mm od x 3.2mm x 800mm long.

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 88grm

CiM Emperor Ltdv Run Oddment Pack 88grm x 3 complete rods


CiM Pixie Ltd Run Oddment Pack 240grm

CiM Pixie Ltd Run Oddment Pack 240grm x 12 rods.

50% OFF

Effetre Seeded Pale Amber Oddment Tube

16 x tubes of BellEffetre "Seeded" pale amber tube, 5.5mm dia tube


CiM Tutu Oddment Pack 116grm

CiM Tutu Oddment Pack 116grm x 5 rods .

CiM Koala Ltd Run Oddment 118grm

CiM Koala Ltd Run Oddment pack , 118grms 7 broken rods measuring 340mm long.


CiM Siren Oddment Pack 121grm

CiM Siren Oddment Pack 121grm x 5 rods.


50% OFF

Mystry Bundle Rods Oddment 500grm

Mystery Bundle Rods Oddment , 500grms of unknown COE between 90-104coe , som erods are labelled.

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 124grm x 5 complete rods.



50% OFF

Boro Dichroic Sheet Black Cherry

A piece or pieces of Boro dichroic sheet , Black Cherry . The sheet was dropped during cutting so rather than the standard "segments" these broken pieces are all odd shapes , some single sheets and some a few pieces , bags average at least 47grm per bag.

CiM Chateau Ltd Run Oddment Pack 116grm

CiM Chateau Ltd Run Oddment Pack 116grm x 6 complete rods

CiM Refresh Oddment Pack 154grm

CiM Refresh Oddment Pack 154grm x 7 rods


CiM Venus Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Venus Oddment Pack 120grm x 5 complete rods.

CiM Venus Oddment Pack 122grm

CiM Venus Oddment Pack 122grm x 5 full rods.

CiM Simply Berry Oddment Pack 135grm

CiM Simply Berry Oddment Pack 135grm x 7 complete rods .