Clearance Sales

 On this clearance page there is only 1 of each item unless listed more than once.

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Rose Oddment Frit 75grm

A 75grm bag of Rose frit, 90coe Riechenbach is compatible with Effetre when used as a surface decorstion.

CiM Hemoglobin Oddment Pack 178grm

CiM Hemoglobin Oddment Pack 178grm x 9 complete rods.

CiM Elf Oddment Pack 123grm

CiM Elf Oddment Pack 250grm x 6 complete rods in a slightkly different shade to normal.

CiM Tardis Ltd RunOddment Pack 90grm

CiM Tardis Ltd Run Oddment Pack 90grm x 4 approx  rods 330mm  long.


CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 80grm

CiM Emperor Ltdv Run Oddment Pack 80grm x 3 complete rods.

CiM Charlotte Oddment Pack 118grm

CiM Charlotte Oddment Pack 118grm x 5 complete rods,
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Crystal Clear Boro Rod Oddment 40mm dia

Crystal Clear Boro rod Oddment Pack. This rod is 40mm dia x 500mm long

Borosilicate Tube Oddment 52mm x 1.8 x 600mm

Borosilicate Tube Oddment 52mm od x 1.8mm x 600mm long.

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Effetre Seeded Pale Pink Tube Oddment Tube

12 x tubes of Effetre "Seeded" pale paink 104coe tube Oddment.

From time to time we have soft glass packs that because of breakages or sample rods being removed they are not sell-able as full 1/4 kilo packs so we are listing them here. The rods are all new, nearly all are the full 320mm long  and are bargain priced.

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 88grm

CiM Emperor Ltdv Run Oddment Pack 88grm x 3 complete rods


CiM Charlote Ltd Run Oddment Pack 137grm

CiM Charlotte Ltd Run Oddment Pack 137grm x 6 rods.

CiM Trapeze Ltd Run Oddment Pack 95grm

CiM Trapeze Ltd Run x 95grm pack of 3  rods  335mm long.

50% OFF

Effetre Seeded Pale Amber Oddment Tube

16 x tubes of BellEffetre "Seeded" pale amber tube, 5.5mm dia tube


CiM Tutu Oddment Pack 116grm

CiM Tutu Oddment Pack 116grm x 5 rods .

CiM Prairie Grass Ltd Run Oddment 136grm

CiM Prairie Grass Ltd Run Oddment pack , 136grms 7 rods .


CiM Primrose Oddment Pack 106grm

CiM Primrose Oddment Pack 106grm x 5 rods.


CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 124grm x 5 complete rods.



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Wire Cutter Pliers

120mm long.

A wire cutter tool.

CiM Siren Oddment Pack 114grm

CiM Siren Oddment Pack 114grm x 4 complete rods.


CiM Sunset Ltd Run Oddment Pack 122grm

CiM Sunset Ltd Run Oddment 122grm pack of 6 complete rods.