Mint Chip (Ltd Run) 1/4 Kilo CiM

1/4 Kilo of Mint Chip (Ltd Run) CiM Glass Rods, 10-14 rods

Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Adamantium 1/4 kilo CiM

Appletini 1/4 kilo CiM

Atlantis 1/4 kilo CiM

Canyon de Chelly 1/8 kilo

Canyon de Chelly is described as "An opaque striking caramel brown laden with silver that can be struck to a wide range of colours"

6-7 rods per 1/8 kilo

Canyon de Chelly 1/4Kilo CiM (51)

1/4 Kilo of Canyon de Chelly CiM glass rods, 10-14 rods

Celadon1/4 Kilo CiM (10)

1/4 Kilo of Celadon CiM Glass Rods, 10-14 rods

Charcoal 1/4 kilo CiM (63)


Clear 4mm o.d 1/4 Kilo

Clear is described as "an optically very clear glass that pre fares to be worked cool.


Clear 6mm 1/4 Kilo CiM (59)

Clear 8-10mm 1/4 Kilo CiM (60)

Clear Stringer 2-3mm 1/4 Kilo CiM (58)

Clockwork 1/4 Kilo CiM (6)

1/4 Kilo of Clockwork CiM Glass Rods, 10-14 rods

Cranberry Pink 1/4 Kilo CiM (71)

Cranberry Pink 1/8 Kilo CiM (7)

Crocus 1/4 kilo CiM (45)

Crocus 1/8 Kilo CiM

1/8 Kilo of Crocus CiM Glass Rods, 5-7 rod


Desert Pink 1/8 Kilo

Desert Pink is described as a "Opaque Pastel Pink "

There will be 6-7 rods per 1/8 kilo

Desert Pink 1/4 kilo CiM (72)

Dirty Martini 1/4 kilo CiM (13)

An Opaque Soft Green .