Bella Donna Speciality Glass

BellaDonna Glass is a new boutique glass company started by Donna Milliron who also started Arrow Springs and is a founding member of the ISGB.

These incredible speciality glasses are hand pulled in limited runs, with very specific applications in mind. Colours are offered as either part of our permanent collection,  available at all times -OR- colours that will be available in very limited quantities - "one time only, get it while you can glass"

Extensive testing is done on each batch to insure compatibility with COE 104 Efferte (Moretti) glasses. Other brands of COE 104 will most likely be compatible, but we recommend testing.


Rod of Bella Donna Teal-icious

It both strikes and reduces. When applied thinly, the colour will tend to be more transparent after striking. A thicker layer of Honey Glaze can become very opaque. Striking can be done in the flame by working the glass in and out of the flame as well as closer and further out in the flame. Allowing the glass to chill before reheating can bring out more dramatic colour variation and deeper opacity. Additional colour depth of the strike can occur in the annealer. A slightly reduction flame setting at will bring up a subtle metallic sheen.