125grm of Northstar Turquesa

NS-020 Dark Cobalt is the second most saturated of the four shades of cobalt blue Northstar produces. Dark Cobalt is well suited for thin blown work and cane work. Because of its intensity it must be worked in an oxidizing flame to prevent greying.

Northstar Boro Absinthe 50grm

Absinthe First

NS-143 Absinthe was developedto meet the demand by artists for new and exciting transparent colours.The glass will present similer working characteristics as NS-66 Sublime with a stronger emerald green color.


Northstar Boro Ursa 50grm

Ursa First

NS-140 Ursa is a response to our artists who have been asking for an opaque brown. We have experimented with the alternatives to the industry standard cadmium based brown.We have formulated Ursa with a good working viscosity , as well as dense colour saturation to help the artists explore this earth tone. As with many opaque colours this glass can suffer from boiling issues if pushed too fast or hot.


Northstar Boro Mauvelous 50grm

Mauvelous First

NS-142 Mauvelous also derived from our attempts at earth tones formulated without using cadmium metals as colourant.We are happy to present this beautiful mauve colour to our artists as a tool to explore creativity. As with many opaque colours this glass can suffer from boiling issues if poushed too fast or hot, so let the heat sink in for best working results.


Northstar Boro Pink Odd 50grm

Pink Odd Lot

NS-023 Pink is a light transparent bright pink. It is atmospherically stable meaning it can be worked in any flame without the colour being changed. It is also resistant to excessive heat, and can take a lot of abuse.


Northstar Boro Brillo 50grm

NS-134 Brillo This colour is a versatile sparkle that does NOT cause cracking. Brillo is a watered down version of NS-129 Steel Wool.

Northstar Boro Deep Sea Blue 50grm

Deep Sea Blue First,

NS-077 Deep Sea Blue is a fully opaque saturated blue. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. For those of you searching for a substitute for NS-022 Polaris, this is the closest colour to it. It is not susceptible to reduction and is not flame sensitive. For best results keep it in a neutral flame. It is a great backing for such colours as NS-014 Irrid and NS-015 Turquesa, and goes well with NS-063 Canary.

Northstar Boro Silver Amethyst 50grm

Silver Amethyst First,

NS-125 Jet Black is a very dense black. It is well suited for sculptural applications and blown work. It is creamy and works easily, making it a welcome addition to the palette of blacks from which to choose. When working NS-125 Jet Black, do so in an oxidizing flame. If worked in a reductive environment it will develop grey streaks on the surface and result in a dull matte finish. When applying the colour, do so gently. After it is melted in it can take a lot of heat. NS-125 Jet Black is great in combination with many colours and serves as a background for striking colours. 

Northstar Boro Dark Orange 50grm

Dark Orange First,

NS-006 Dark Orange is a more saturated version of NS-005 Orange. It is well suited for thin blown work, cane work, or when a deep semi-opaque orange is desired. Because it is more saturated, be sure to work in an oxidizing flame to prevent muddying. Due to the fact that it strikes more quickly than NS-006-Orange, NS-006 Dark Orange can be flame struck. 

Northstar Boro Extra Light Yellow 50grm

Extra Light Yellow First,

NS-034 Extra Light Yellow is a diluted version of NS-009 Yellow. It can be worked in virtually any flame without the colour being affected. It is great for sculpture and as an overlay. By adding Extra Light Yellow over opaque colours a bluish hazy glow is added to the piece. Try it over NS-033 Turbo Cobalt!

Northstar Boro Silver Sea Weed 50grm

Northstar Boro Coloured Rod, Silver Sea Weed First,

Northstar Boro Turbo Cobalt

Turbo Cobalt First,

NS-033 Turbo Cobalt is the most intense cobalt blue in the Northstar palette. It is great for stringer application, and stretching out thin. If kept moderately thick, Turbo Cobalt is an excellent faux black. Because of its intensity, NS-033 Turbo Cobalt must be worked in a highly oxidizing flame to prevent greying. If however you are looking for a battleship grey, it can be achieved by working Turbo Cobalt in a heavily reducing flame. For a nice colour combination try layering NS-026 Double Amber/Purple over NS-033 Turbo Cobalt.

Northstar Boro Dark Blue Amber/Purple 50grm

Dark Blue Amber/Purple First,

NS-049 Dark Blue Amber/Purple is the more intense version of Light/Blue Amber Purple. It yields a more intense semi opaque strike and has more of a blue tint. Due to its intensity it is useful for thin blown work and cane applications. Work Dark Blue Amber/Purple in a hot neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Reduction will affect the strike. Dark Blue Amber/Purpleā€™s strike is amplified by a backing of NS-054 Star White.

Northstar Boro Blue Exotic 50grm

Blue Exotic First,

NS-028 Blue Exotic: The Exotic family contains the most saturated striking colours in the Northstar family. NS-028 Blue Exotic can yield a mirror like blue metallic finish and if overreduced an organic earthy tone as well. To keep the Exotics most vibrant, work them in a super oxidizing environment until you are finished with the piece. Then, turn the flame down and bathe the piece in a super reducing flame for several second to produce the mirror like sheen. Another great effect that is possible with the Exotics is encasement with clear. This group of colours can be stretched out and is great for blown work. If heavily encased, be sure to anneal thoroughly. Exotics are also enhanced by a backing with NS-054 Star White. Try layering NS-009 Yellow over NS-028 Blue Exotic.


Northstar Boro Clear Large Frit

Northstar Crystal Clear Large Frit


Northstar Boro Double Amber Purple Finer Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Double Amber Purple.

Northstar Boro Midnight Small Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Midnight


Northstar Boro Dark Mulit Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Dark Multi.

Northstar Boro Clear Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Clear

Northstar Boro Cobalt Blue Fine Frit

Northstar Boro Frit, Cobalt Blue