Momka Coloured Borosilicate Rods

510mm Rod

Momka Exotic Citrus Yellow Full Rod

A lemon colour with some amber colours coming through. Blows out nice and easy. Friendly, easy striking.
510mm Rod

Momka Lemon Yellow Full Rod

Lovely yellow colour, resist boiling. Beautiful with slight translucency to it is brilliantly easy to work. If it does boil on you a bit, just let that area cool and then dip in and out of the flame a few times. It is good is to use it as a base to lay stripes over it.
510mm Rod

Momka Crystal Blue Full Rod

This is a beautiful transparent blue. Very clear blue and easy to use color. No boiling issues. Use an oxidizing flame, as you can get some slight red reductions with this glass.

Momka Winter Sky Rod

Winter Sky is such a surprise to use…it is soft and buttery but turns out a lighter green than the bluish tint I see in the rod. No bubbles, no boiling, just another perfect glass from Momka Peeva….it doesn’t need any babysitting, seems happy in any flame you choose for it.’
510mm Rod

Momka Sunshine Yellow Full Rod

A beautiful opaque yellow. This glass works great for all applications. Heat this slowly to prevent boiling. Use a neutral flame.
510mm Rod

Momka Blue Flambe Full Rod

Bright and lively blue and plays, beautifully as a surface colour in sculpture. Work in a neutral flame, not too oxidizing for this one. Part of the beauty is in the haze that develops, yielding sky blues and purples and bright, royal blues. Generally develops beautifully just as it is works.

Momka Pumpkin Rod

A strong orange with just a hint of green that works great for all applications. Slightly darker than Sunset Orange.
510mm Rod

Momka Sea Green Full Rod

Light to medium transparent colour that will not reduce. Neutral flame. Easy to work with and gives very nice green colour.
510mm Rod

Momka Green Envy Full Rod

A very rich transparent green that develops faint wispy blue under strong oxidizing flame. Neutral flame to surface colour tends to opacify while interior colour surfaces develop a range of colours from tan to blue. Careful not to reduce, it will give an opaque red to exposed surfaces.

Momka Sparkly Green Rod

Smooth light transparent colour with a lot of sparkling green. Work middle to cool flame. Slight oxidizing seems best. It is a beautiful colour.

Momka Obsidian Rod

1 x 10"(250mm) rod of Momka coloured borosilicate.
510mm Rod

Momka Almond Nugget Full Rod

A light almond coloured glass that when encased and using an oxidizing flame has inside veils of ambers to wispy blues but become more opaque with a reducing flame. Un-encased colours are lighter amber. Pulls thin, stays creamy, and nice for deep encasements.