Momka Coloured Borosilicate Rods


Momka Winter Sky Rod

Winter Sky is such a surprise to use…it is soft and buttery but turns out a lighter green than the bluish tint I see in the rod. No bubbles, no boiling, just another perfect glass from Momka Peeva….it doesn’t need any babysitting, seems happy in any flame you choose for it.’

Momka Sunset Orange Rod

An opaque orange that works great for all applications. Neutral flame. What You See Is What You Get.

Momka Stormy Weather Rod

This rich opaque silver colour combines purples, blues, violets, fuchsia, greens and other earth tones and is a favourite of many artists. Easy to strike; try selectively cooling and striking for different effects. This colour is great as stringer, backdrop or by itself; excellent in marbles, sculpture or larger applications. One of Momka’s Best.

Momka Blue Lightning Rod

A cobalt based colour which contains silver. This colour strikes to opal with greens, blues and whites.

Momka Pumpkin Rod

A strong orange with just a hint of green that works great for all applications. Slightly darker than Sunset Orange.

Momka Green Flambe Rod

This is one of our newest colours and is a green, blue silver colour that works well in any flame and reduces well.

Momka Sparkly Green Rod

Smooth light transparent colour with a lot of sparkling green. Work middle to cool flame. Slight oxidizing seems best. It is a beautiful colour.

Momka Silver Iris Rod

Is a beautiful dark purple with lots of silver that is not affected by strong oxidizing / reduction flame. Get lovely blue/purple haze with annealing. The colour intensity increases in larger work with more vivid colours. A popular colour combo is Silver Iris and Magic Mirror.

Momka Obsidian Rod

1 x 10"(250mm) rod of Momka coloured borosilicate.

Momka Alaskan Nights Rod

A strong dark cobalt blue that does not thin out. Avoid reducing flame. Neutral flame works best.

Momka Purple Thunder Rod

This is a strong striking purple; very easy to strike. Beautiful pinks, rose, blue, creams and purples. Use an oxidizing flame. Best results are with some flame striking.

Momka Aurora Borealis Rod

A very smooth, easy to strike Silver glass with fine sparkle blended throughout. Ideal for sculpture. It has a range of bold greens, blues, creams, browns, and purples with deep transparent burgundy.

Momka Blue Treasure Rod

This multi-colour glass offers blues and yellows that combine to make a wonderful murrini for flowers, jellyfish caps and realistic eyes that work best with a contrasting colour. A myriad of colour effects when deep encased. Experiment with this one; twisties, stringer, ghostly effects are all great. A favourite for ring making.

Momka 10 Multi Sample Pack

This pack is precut and packed by Momka in the USA so some colours can be substituted without notice.