100mm Pin Frog

This is a super large 4"(100mm) pin frog.

Brass Shaper



Cooling Bubbles

Brand New Japanese Cooling Bubbles

Dual Action Metal Marver

Metal Marver with 2 sides.

Enamel Sifter Small

Small enamel Sifter

Fibre Blanket

Great for cooling beads slowly

Glass Shears

Graphite Marble Paddle,2 hole

Metal Handled Graphite Marble Paddle , 2 marble moulds.

Graphite Marble Paddle,3 hole

Metal Handled Graphite Marble Paddle , 3 marble moulds.

Hot Head Marver Block

Kiln Mandrel Rack


Mapp Gas Stand

Mapp gas base

Mid Range Torch Mounted Marver

Mid range torch mounted marver, also fits Major and Red Max Torches

Mini CC Torch Mounted Marver

Mini CC torch mounted marver

Plug Adaptor

Razor Tool

Single Bladed Razor Tool

Stainless Rod Rest

Stainless Steel Rake

Stainless Steel Bent Tip Rake

The Oxygen Concentrator Kit

The Ultimate Kit for your Beadmaking needs!

Tungston Poker

Tungsten Poker