fish eye pliers


Diamond Bead Reamer Tool

This metal tool is a diamond reamer for cleaning your beads and tidying the hole edges. Sold with 4 diamond reamers they fit into the metal collet and tighten for a good grip. The reamers should always be used with water to prolong the diamond life. Reamers include 2 bead hole cleaners,diamond paddle and a hole edge smoother.

Peters Tweezers

Peters Tweezers are the origanal tool used for piercing holes in pendants.

These tweezers measure 215mm long x 60mm wide at the widest end


Small Bicone Bead Assist Tool


Large Bicone Bead Assist tool


Brass Bicone Rolling Tool

Silver Fuming Tool

The perfect tool for fuming your glass with silver.


Tungsten Scoring Knife

This is a must have tool for every lampworker , you need 1 of these on your bench.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Glass Nippers


Stainless Steel Frit tray

Super new frit tray , use it to get an even coating of frit without it spreading/falling all over your work bench.Ideal for enamels and millifiore too.

Fuming Kit

Gold fuming kit


Brass Doming Block

A Brass Doming Block, you can watch our youtube clip on how to use this tool

Electric Glass Bead Reamer

Shocking pink electric glass bead reamer, take the pain out of cleaning your glass beads.


O Ring Crimp Tool

Tool for attaching "O" rings

25mm Pin Frog

Great tool

50mm Pin Frog

Great tool

100mm Pin Frog

This is a super large 4"(100mm) pin frog.


Bead Core Lining Tool

Quick and easy tool changes for a large range of lining sizes.Cores from 1/8" -1/2" diameter

Diamond Reamer Set

Dual Action Metal Marver

Metal Marver with 2 sides.

Fibre Blanket

Great for cooling beads slowly