zoozii slimnuggetlarge

Various Shapes

Lots of different designs of shapes and sizes .

Zoozii Sweetie Triangle Large

The shape made with these tools will be a slim (6mm) sleek bead, 1" from hole to hole.  You can leave the edges crisp for a faceted look, or with a little fire polishing, you can create soft rounded edges.

Gem Large Press

The ZooziiGem Large is a fun new shape!

The bead measures 1" hole to hole. You can use this with the ZooziiHex Large for a great new shape that will lay flat.


Crystal Trio Press


3d Heart & Flower Press


Nugget, Lentil & Heart Trio Press

Ellipse Crunch Press


Sweetie Triangle Trio Press

Discs but square , there are 4 sizes

Pillow Medium Plus Press

The Pillow Med + press



Large Ellipse Crunch Press