finish ring large

Marble Moulds/Tools

Made from the best quality graphite these USA manufactured tools are designed for marble making and shaping .

Monster 12 Hole Marble Mould

As used by Glenn Godden during his marble classes at Tuffnells this year(the picture is back and front,you only get 1 mould)

8 Hole Marble Mould

A super 8 hole graphite marble mould.

Vessel & Marble Grabber

1" -1 3/4" sprung marble and vessel grabber.

2 -2 1/2 Finish Ring


Graphite Marble Paddle,2 hole

Metal Handled Graphite Marble Paddle , 2 marble moulds.

Graphite Marble Paddle,3 hole

Metal Handled Graphite Marble Paddle , 3 marblemoulds.

Marble Shaping Ring 46mm


Marble Shaping Mould