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Once while i was visiting my sister in Chicago we went to a big craft store.I got spokes , threads, pillows , pens, coloured paper - all that I needed to carry out my fantasies. I folded everything into a trolley, rolled it towards the cashier and ...suddenly found myself in a very strange place! Some coloured glass rods and tubes were on the shelves. Iridescent shards sparkled in jars. I stopped enchanted. I touched these sticks , looked through them at a light, stroking them and could not leave.I loved them though I even had no idea what they were and what for.


It was the end, which actually became the beginning... the beginning of a new phase of my life.


Since then I spend all my time at the torch. I'm so sorry I didn't meet this craft in my youth, but do not lose the hope to become a master in this life yet. I'm interested in all the techniques and each technique I try to bring to perfection. I can't say that this is hard work, though that is exactly what many people say. I just spend time with indescribable pleasure. Is this work really?

For me this is just a fun ! Fun challenge , thrill - all in one.

Elena Hernburg,Thursday 1st June Class.Growing in Glass

Level - Intermediate

Thursday 1st June 2017

10am - 5pm

Please bring your own eye protection

Please bring your own lunch. Hot and cold catering will be available.

12 places available - 0 remaining.

Your ticket is non-refundable if cancelled within 30 days of the class. We can try and sell your place and if successful you will get a full refund.