This weeks promotion is "Feeling Fruity", we have discounted by 10% our favourite "Fruity" glasses and frits.


They include CiM Cranberry Pink, Appletini, Grape Ape,Orange Crush,

Frits Berry Nice, Cherry Red, Cherry Red Extra, Iris Orange, Iris Orange Powder, RazzleBerry

Reichenbach Rods Strawberry Red, Opal Raspberry, Opaque orange, Mystic Orange

Effetre Cool Colours Orange Rock, Strawberry Shake, Blueberry Marble,Kiwi Transparent, Cherry Shake

and Effetre Apricot Yellow, Orange and Lime Green


Today we received a delivery from Effetre in Italy including 5 new colours,

       483 Cedar            481 Antique Ivory      283 New Ivory         480 Jade Green          482 Senape

591283 Effetre New Ivory

591480 Effetre Jade Green

591481 Effetre Antique Ivory

591482 Effetre Senape

591483 Effetre Cedar


Bella Donna Glass is back in stock


We have added 6 new Northstar Colours to our range


The Karma S1 Kiln which was launched at the Flame Off 2015


The New Torch Assistant   


New Texture Mashers


A huge range of new Cabochon mandrels and Ribbon mandrels fresh from the Flame Off. 


Bethlehems New Champion Burner has just arrived in stock 



Nortel Bead Core Lining Tool is back in stock



New Effetre Colour 591288 Pastel Straw is in stock


Because of hugh demand we have added an extra JC Herrell class on the 1st & 2nd July


Our huge CiM delivery has arrived, you can check out all the colours and tips for each of the 27 new colours now



New Elaine Forbes (wee-lainy) class announced, 2nd 1 day class just added due to demand on Sunday 10th May.




"Passing the Flame" is back in stock

Big Northstar Boro Restock plus Boro Frits

Laney Mead Flower Class announced


Momka Boro Restock with 5 New Colours

Irena Sergeeva Class's announced in September,book your place now

Jennie Lamb class in September, book your place now

In stock now is the new Double Helix colour Iaso. You can check out more details here.


Also in stock is a complete restock of Double Helix including Iris, Triton, Arke, Thallo and 8mm dia Zephyr