Pre-order Claudia Trimbur Pagels New Fish Recipe Book today , click here to see all the details


We are proud to start stocking TAG Borosilicate glass rods and frit, click on the logo for all the rods and frit,


We have waited for Double Helix Aether for years, they always promised we would be the first to get it when they could make enough and now here it is.This is the first clear from Double Helix to react with their high silver glasses and hold the lustre under encasement.


He is coming back. Rashan Jones is coming to teach Boro Beginners & Intermediate Boro on October 5th & 6th & 8th & 9th 2016, click on the picture for more details



After Gay Massenders "sell out" class at Flame Off we are holding a 1 day class at Tuffnells studio in which you too can join in and create stunning "moonlight " beads.Click on the picture below to see all the details and book your place








The new Double Helix colours Melia and Chloe are now on sale on the site , click on the picture to see it and read the working tips,






All the new CiM colours have arrived in stock.Click on the picture below to see them all,


We have just launched 2016 Summer Bead Camp. Joining us will be acclaimed International teachers JC Herrell and Claudia Trimbur-Pagel for a week full of fun and learning. For more details click on Bead Camp


New Angelika Kaufmann class just added , for more details click on the picture


We have just received New CBS Borosilicate Dichroic Sheet,click on the logo for all the colours.




Contemporary Lampwork Vol 1 & 2 for only £25.00 pr




We have just stocked Reichenbach 94coe high saturated coloured rods,click here for more details.


The latest delivery from Momka Glass has arrived with 3 new colours, Winter Sky, Sunset Orange and Sunshine yellow



Laney Meads Cats,Dogs and Chickens Class,click on the picture below for more information